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Château Fabas

"Un Minervois de haute volée"

2** Guide Hachette des Vins 2011 - Château Fabas Cuvée Serbolles 2008
Classé Premier Grand Vin du Minervois par le Guide Dussert-Berger
Jancis Robinson : ”In the north west corner of the Languedoc, Minervois AOC produces slightly smooth, refined wines…. producers who have produced exceptional wines include Chateau Fabas...  
 a small amount of rosé and increasingly sophisticated white is also made”…

Château Fabas

Château Fabas, a former fortified farmhouse built in the 10th century near Carcassonne, is steeped in history and tradition. It is in the middle of a cirque with hillsides of red earth and is surrounded by garrigue vegetation and pines over 158 unbroken hectares with 63 hectares of vineyards.

In 1996, the property was taken over by the Augustin family who have been winegrowers since 1872.

The soils of siliceous sandstone have a practically neutral pH which promotes the take-up of nutritive elements. Their effect on the wines is part way between that of schist and clayey limestone terroirs, promoting elegance and softening the tannins.

Fabas is noted for its suppleness, aromas of cherry and Morello, the freshness of its mouth and discreet tannins.The Augustin family has a love of the land and is deeply attached to Fabas. They live for this place and day by day invest themselves in it that bit more to enhance its identity.


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